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Dear Valued Customers,

We would like to inform you that Swarovski has decided to implement significant changes in its business strategy focusing on fewer segments in the luxury accessories, fashion and selective niches. They withdraw from the products tailored for the DIY and nails retail segment.

Knowing that the changes are impactful, Swarovski has reassured us that we can continue to purchase Swarovski products at current terms & conditions till April 1, 2021. This means we will be given sufficient time to prepare for the changes and adapt. We are well stocked currently and will make sure our customers have the chance to make their own larger stock-up overs over the next few months.

Important note:

As as consequence of this change we expirencing higher demand and limited supply in all Swarovski items. Thefore all orders in Swarovski category are subject to availability.

About us:

ASE Crystals is a family owned and operated business that distributes wide variety of decorative crystals and embellishments. These embellishments are very versatile and have many uses such as:

  • Costumes for dance figure skating and gymnastics
  • Apparel and accessories for wedding and other events
  • Personalized home decor items

Whether you are professional designer hobbyist or just someone interested in adding a little pizazz to your life, ASE Crystals.

Hotfix (HF) Flat Back (FB) rhinestones have a flat reverse surface, coated with a heat sensitive glue. They are also referred as machine-cut or DMC (Diamante Machine Cut) stones. Europeans call them strass. When treated by heat, they bond to a range of materials. This design promotes using HF stones in the fashion industry.

We offer three categories of HF stones:

  • Swarovski Elements® is a well known product brand originating from Austria, recognized for its unmatched quality. It is the most expensive crystals among HF rhinestones.
  • Preciosa® is a branded line of machine-cut stones from a famous manufacturer in North Bohemia, Czech Republic - a region known for it's old traditions and excellence in glass making industry.
  • Premium DMC - this is where we've done our home work for you dear Customer. There are a lot of manufacturers all over the world who produce machine-cut rhinestones. With such a variety it is hard to judge the quality of the product before you buy it. We've inspected a huge selection of stones from different manufactures and selected the best among them. We categorized those crystals under the “Premium DMC” label. This category offers a good quality to cost ratio.

In reality though, the utmost importance for the quality of your dress is an experienced designer. If you live in Greater Vancouver area and would like to get the help of a good designer please Contact Us.

We are a Canadian based company in Greater Vancouver / Lower Mainland, Beautiful British Columbia. We sell high quality grade rhinestones, hotfix patterns, related tools and accessories. Shopping with us is simple, easy and safe. All our prices in Canadian dollars. We accept PayPal and credit cards through PayPal. We do not collect or store credit cards information. All transactions are processed by 3rd party trusted payment processors like PayPal. If all merchandises ordered are in stock, we ship the same or next business day by Canada Post. If back order is required, we contact you by email or phone. If you have special shipping requirements, please Contact Us.